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Mudra-s and Bandha-s Workshop

We are very please to announce the Dr Kausthub Desikachar returns in September to teach a workshop on Mudra-s and Bandha-s.

Dates: 27 September - 29 September (Grand final weekend)

This enriching seminar will explore the most important Mudrā-s in detail, presenting the core principles and frameworks within which they must be understood and practiced. The program will deal with presenting pre-requisites for the practice of each Mudrā, the technical nuances of their practice, benefits and contraindications.

Yoga Summer Sessions: 16-17 January, 7.30-9.30am

with Peter Hockey


Croxton Uniting Church
326 St. Georges Rd
(Entrance Shaftesbury Pde.)


Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday January 17, 7.30-9.30am


The Well of Yoga
Also the wellness in yoga practice.

Over the two days we will look at the asana, pranayama, meditation and some mantra to promote and sustain our full mental, physical and spiritual potential. While there are many complex practices associated with yoga, the basic principles are straightforward, so we will practice and discuss this.

As usual I will deliver the session in two parts so that anyone working will be able to come to the first “wake-up” hour.

PAYMENT:   $45/40 or 25/22 for workers special. NB. Payment at door no EFT available.

CONTACT:   Peter Hockey - or 04 2576 2960