Mangala Studios
Yoga and Creative Dance



In 1970 Dorotea Mangiamele established a school dedicated to the arts of yoga and a style of creative dance which would give guidance and inspiration to the creative capacity of adults and children alike.

Creative dance at Mangala Studios developed out of the vision of Dorotea Mangiamele. She studied dance in Germany under Mary Wigman and Palucca. Her yoga training was in Melbourne under Margareth Segesman. Out of these experiences she created a fusion of dance action and yoga sensibility.

The resultant style of teaching and presentation allowed for a unity of the physical and subtle aspects of being into a unique transformative dance experience.

The deepening experience of yoga has influenced the nature of creative dance at the school.

While the yoga classes give access to the inner depths of well being, the dance opens those deep feelings to joyful expression and relationship to the world around us.

Many people have found the combination of yoga and dance to be a beautiful balance of exercise and art, meditation and action.

All teachers have had many years personal experience of yoga practices, as well as being exposed to the influence of the music, dance and art of many cultures and periods.

The incorporation of the elements into traditional yoga has resulted in unique teaching methods and an emphasis on the individual yoga experience of each person.