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Creative Dance for Children

Creative Dance for Children

18 months – 3 year olds
Joyful adult-and-child
45 minute sessions

Dance classes in the early years are special. Each stage of early childhood brings new learning. Much of this learning is passed directly from parent to child. 

Toddler-and-Adult (18 months – 2 years)

Our Toddlers’ Classes aim to facilitate this process, being conducted in a flexible, playful way to develop listening skills and to encourage and stimulate tactile, physical and visual exploration according to a Toddler’s developmental stage.

Each class is based on a theme and features a designed environment. A series of activities with appropriate music reflecting the theme of the day allows each parent and child to be creative in a secure and structured space.

2 year old-and-adult

The Classes are similar in theme and design to the Toddler classes, but with recognition of the growing awareness of 2 year olds. Joyful dance experiences are enhanced by growing group awareness. Encouragement is given to both creativity and co-operation.

There is more scope with the help of parental involvement for extending physical skills, extending the imagination, and following simple and clear instructions. The classes provide a good basis for the transition from parent dependent to independent participation in the 3 year old classes.

Pre-School Classes
(3-6 year olds)
1 hour sessions

The aim of the creative dance class is to bring out the spirit of the dance in each child. We work towards joyful, spontaneous expression through the use of inspiring music, imagination, special dancing materials and creative designs in the room.

3 year olds

As the 3 year olds dance without their parent, they are welcomed into a warm, nurturing space with a teacher and adult assistant. The children learn to become confident in their own ability to follow instructions and at the same time to find the appropriate balance in also expressing themselves. They are introduced to body-awareness and spatial awareness and have times of joyful physical activity as well as times of stillness and focus.

4 – 6 year olds

From 4 years on we recognize the growing sense of individuality of the dancer and at the same time a growing consciousness of group dynamics within their peer group. The children are encouraged to dance with the other dancers, no longer just beside them. Classes promote confidence through learning new physical skills and practicing more challenging yoga postures. Creative design has a more prominent place in these classes.

School-age Classes
1 hr 10 minute – 1½ hr sessions

Prep - Teenagers

As the children grow older the yoga postures and relaxation form an ever-increasing part of the class. In this way, not only are their bodies more able to express the dance, but the body, mind and spirit are strengthened for their individual lives.

Each class provides the dancer with an enriching range of experiences, supported by music from culturally diverse sources. The dance promotes excitement, sensitivity, assertiveness and self-expression. Group experiences provide essential peer group interaction in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.


Please arrive 10 minutes early for all classes
Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
(18 months – 2 years)
9:45-10:30am 9:45-10:30am
2 year-old-and-adult 11:15-12:00pm 11-11:45am 11-11:45am 11-11:45am 11:15-12pm
3 years 9:45-10:45am 10-11am 9:40-10:40am 9:40-10:40am 9:50-10:50am
4 years 11-12pm 12-1pm 11-12pm 11-12pm
5-7 years 9:15-10:15am
7-10 years 10:30-11:45am
11-18 years 12:00-1:30pm
Children's classes are not drop-in classes. Children must be enrolled in classes to attend.
If a class is not fully booked, your child can start at any time during the trimester.

If you have any queries regarding children's classes contact Sue on 04 0754 8660


Fees for children's classes are payable by trimester (approximately 13 weeks) or pro rata for the rest of the trimester from when your child starts. As we factor these around State School holiday times, these vary from one trimester to another.
For current information please contact by e-mail or phone 9663 5603 or 04 0754 8660.

All enrolments are conducted through direct contact with Mangala Studios administration.
Payments can be made by cash, cheque, direct deposit or debit/credit card. 

Our direct deposit details are:
Account Name: Mangala Studios
BSB: 633 000 (Bendigo Bank)
Account Number: 140459520
Reference: Your family name/child’s name

29 years ago Mangala mothers and babes classes became a beautiful part of my son’s life and mine. I took my son to classes for years. Monday he married his love. There is so much music in their lives and dancing.
— Meryl Naismith
Mangala has played a large part in the growth and development of my son. He learned to express himself through movement at Mangala and I see this come out in his daily life. He learned poise and found self respect.
— Kerrie O'keefe

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