Mangala Studios
Yoga and Creative Dance


Temporary Adult Class Schedule

The following classes will be held this week at 73 Grattan St., Carlton


Up to and including April 10, 2019, we intend to conduct the following sessions at Grattan Street.

Due to the vagaries possible with repairs, we will contact you if there are any alterations to this schedule.

If you have not been receiving regular e-mails or text, please send your details and I will place you on the “to notify” list.

  Tuesday      AM             10-11.15 am  Yoga  11.30-12.30 pm Dance with Fran Ostroburski

PM 6-7.30 pm Yoga 7.45-8.45 pm Dance with Peter Hockey                                              

  Wednesday                 10.00-11.00 am  Movement 

CONTACT 0425762960 for further details

Peter Hockey