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STEP 5 Ages and Stages
to Sep 22

STEP 5 Ages and Stages

  • Adapting the creative dance principles and frameworks to specific age groups and abilities.

  • Presented by specialists in the appropriate field of disability, pre-school, school age and the aged.

  • Primarily a workshopping session requiring attendance at earlier sessions.

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Step 1: Springboard Session (Yoga/Dance Basics)
to Mar 11

Step 1: Springboard Session (Yoga/Dance Basics)

Attendance at this session is a prerequisite for all other modules - Introduction to course format .

  • Yoga connections - the inception of the Mangala model.

  • Linking mind, body, music and movement, theory and practice.

  • Theory of the elements – earth, fire, water, air and ether with reference to the physical, emotional and movement properties inherent in each element and discussing and using the music which stimulates them.

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