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The Healing Field of Yoga

Happy New Year to all - it is already autumn and the year is turning. I hope it is turning the way you would wish.

This is terribly late notice but I have been inspired to pursue some yoga healing myself and am so grateful for my previous experience of yoga, especially when ill health seems to block many of our asana based practices... but there is so much more to practice and connection than asana and although we will use some in the workshop, I would like to explore other, equally effective and beautiful methods which can be practised and employed in such times as we are limited by health. Even if you are well it is great to have access to a variety of healing practices. 

I must include yoga nidra in this as my 12 years of practice has been so very useful and healing.

As usual do not feel you need to decline the invitation, but if you intend to come, it does help to know so I can prepare effectively.

With sincere wishes for your continued well being.

Peter Hockey

kind regards
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