Mangala Studios
Yoga and Creative Dance

Yoga at Mangala


We have been practising and teaching yoga at Mangala Studios for forty years.

We teach with respect to both the practice and the practitioner.

Aspects of Yoga at Mangala:

  • Experienced teachers – fully trained and imbued with the Mangala tradition.
  • Each class is presented as a complete, integrated experience of breathing, posture, mental and spiritual practices.
  • Individual differences are respected – each student is encouraged to progress at their own pace taking into account age, fitness, physique and gender.
  • Our innovative approach to with creative variations to traditional practices helps to tailor the yoga to individual needs.
  • Space is given to applied yoga philosophy – the meditative mind is the major aim of yoga and is emphasized in all classes.
  • While regular practice facilitates progress, classes can be attended as single units to accommodate irregular working hours. 
Thanks to Peter and mangala studios for having our MUGC crew experience the art of Yoga the best in town!! Awesome experience and great workout for my mind body n soul!! Loved every class n can’t wait to do more thanks Peter!!
— Yazmin Augustine