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Kathy Vlassopoulos

Kathy Vlassopoulos

Kathy Vlassopoulos

Kathy Vlassopoulos, M. Dance Ed. (Melb), Grad. Dip. Movement and Dance (Melb), Dip. Ed. (Melb), B. App. Biol (RMIT).

Kathy is the director of Kroma Dance – Creative Dance for Children and teaches creative dance and yoga for children (18mths – 10yrs) at various locations in Melbourne and suburbs. She specialises in creative dance with pre-teens and teenagers teaching at Mangala and a number of primary and secondary schools.

Kathy is one of the founders and ongoing teachers of the Mangala Creative Dance Course and has been involved in curriculum development, student mentoring and assessment.

Kathy is the Australian representative for daCi (dance and the Child international) and, in 2018, took a group of her teenager dancers to the Joint Dance Congress held in Adelaide. At the congress her dancers performed a piece they had choreographed, and were active participants over the 7 day congress where they all unanimously agreed, ‘It was the best experience ever’.

Kathy interweaves her dance passion and experience with her biology/science background to create, teach and choreograph dance.

More about Kathy can be found on her website.