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Yoga and Creative Dance

Teacher Training (Yoga or Dance Teacher Training)

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In 1970 Dorotea Mangiamele established a school dedicated to the arts of yoga and a style of creative dance which would give guidance and inspiration to the creative capacity of adults and children alike.

Over the thirty years the understanding of yoga has developed and deepened and the creative dance has grown into a unique system of uncovering the creative spirit through inspiration and joy rather than repetitive technique.
Drawing upon the subtlety deepening practices of yoga, the dance under the influence of many gifted and discerning practitioners has been adapted to fulfil its initial aims for the use of the young, the elderly and dancers with both physical and mental disabilities.
The course has evolved out of the experiences and inspirations of thirty years of creative dance and yoga and has been devised and is presented by direct students of its original creator. 

Mangala offers: