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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Introduction to Yoga

This course is designed for students new to the field of yoga. Students are introduced to the basic yoga techniques and attitudes to practice, in a relaxed, meditative way. All students are encouraged to develop at their own pace and level, taking into account age, fitness, physique and gender.

Following one or two introductory courses, students may progress into more advanced classes, after appropriate consultation with their teacher.

Intermediate Classes

These may be attended on a term or casual basis, although we emphasise that best results are obtained by 'regular 'practice.

Each class integrates breath, body, mental and spiritual elements into one uplifting experience. Rather than following a rigid sequence of postures, the style of yoga practised at Mangala Studios features an innovative approach to preparation (often accompanied by music) and creative variations to enhance the time-proven traditional postures.

  • Time is given to the application of yoga philosophy to the western student.
  • A meditative mind is the major aim of yoga and is emphasised in all classes.
  • All the elements are however interconnected, so each class is a total experience and healing itself.

Deep Relaxation

A fifty minute classical yoga relaxation (Yoga Nidra), performed lying down, is linked to a sitting meditation which explores both the experience of meditation, and a variety of techniques, to access this naturally healing state.

Advanced Yoga

An extending early morning session of posture, breathing and meditation.

Great yoga teaching in the best traditional style
— Stephen Dillon